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A VIDEO Profile will get you Noticed after #covid lockdown

The idea of getting in front of a camera and putting yourself in the public domain can be scary. The advantages of doing A #Videoprofile will be worth the effort.

Video profiles are most commonly used when applying for creative and customer-facing roles in sectors such as advertising, creative arts, marketing, media, PR and sales.

Why then would I recommend you create a Video profile when applying for a job In #Hospitality?

Nothing beats a trial shift to show what you are made of. The reason to add a Video profile to your Cv is simple. The #Hospitalityindustry has an Chronic skill shortage. When We recruit for our clients we are looking for the Personality 1st. This goes for #Chefs & FOH staff.

  • A well-made Video Profile is an effective way to let your personality shine to A potential employer

  • Stand Out from other Candidates

  • Get a head start & the interview you desire

Contact Matt Green-Armytage @ Apron Recruit for any advice on Hospitality Recruitment or to arrange a video profile

Mobile 07458642777

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