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Who Employs A CV?

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Food for thought

Its not always this easy!

How do I stand out from the overcrowded employment market

Hospitality industry is crying

out for talented,

trained & committed workers.

Brexit is round the corner. You are here, make the most of it.

Be rewarded for your hard work, get valued & the financial rewards you deserve.

You could get lucky by just uploading your Cv to the endless job boards. Luck in that Your desired employer will sift you out of the thousands of other Cv's.

In my experience this is not the best way!


How have got you where you are?

  • Commitment

  • Flexibility

  • Organisational Skills

  • Proactive Mindset

  • Communication Skills

  • Can-do Attitude

  • Bloody mindedness

Searching for a new job requires all of the above & more. It's a full time job in itself!

It takes patience & perseverance. Most don't have the time & settle for a substandard option. Don't stay long in the new job, & the cycle of staying less than a year in each job starts. This in itself is a sure way to become less attractive to most prospective employers. A Hospitality Talent Recruitment Agency such as Apron Recruit is a great place to start.

More often than not the way in is closed

A good Hospitality Talent Recruitment Agency will focus & represent you the candidate. The quest is to link you with the best likeminded employer that can support your career goals & intern you offer them the commitment & quality they desire. It's the professional introduction employers appreciate.

Contact Apron Recruit, we'd be happy to have a chat about your career.

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